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Hello everyone,
This is, quite bluntly, an open begging/pleading/cajoling/lying on the floor wailing letter. We need you. Seriously. The Derby and Derbyshire branch of the British Science Association needs YOU. Because quite honestly we might not be here much longer without you. And that would be a great pity.
Your current committee has loved organising talks, events and trying to arrange all manner of exciting things. But we’re an already dwindled number, about to dwindle considerably further. We love volunteering, we love seeing people embrace science, and there genuinely is nothing quite as enjoyable as seeing the penny drop when someone ‘gets’ how something works. But as the song says love don’t pay the bills, and our real lives mean we just can’t keep this up.
The Derby and Derbyshire branch is lucky enough to have one of the biggest memberships of all branches, but for the branch to continue to thrive we need people to run it.
We won’t lie, there’s effort involved, and on a rare occasion it feels like you’ve spent hours arranging a thing for people to hate. But clichéd as it is the rewards are enormous, and seeing excited faces is fabulous. The experience of planning and delivering events has helped at least two committee members with getting onto postgraduate courses, and one into a job.
And that’s not even including the intangible things like a warm fuzzy feeling, legitimate opportunities to wear silly outfits, and the chance to organise events/talks based on areas of science that you love.
Derby was one of the backbones of the industrial revolution. Scientific exploration, innovation and passion drove this city from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. Scientific companies still make up one of the biggest employers here (they don’t make aeroplane engines, nuclear warheads or trains with fairy dust and hope), the university and colleges have invested heavily in STEM subjects, there are retired engineers all over the place (really there are, and always on my bus) this is a great place to be involved in science communication and science volunteering. There’s so much opportunity to take the branch forward, please, please be a part of it.
If you’d like to be involved, and you’d love it, you can reply to this post, grab us on Facebook (leave a message on the group or message Lotte) or email Ian.
Please, we need you.


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This entry was posted on May 14, 2013 by in Activities and Events in Derby, Branch Events.

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