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Those who’ve read the blog before might have noticed that I (that’s me below the words) have a fondness for the connections between science and other areas of life. ¬†One … Continue reading

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Hello everyone, This is, quite bluntly, an open begging/pleading/cajoling/lying on the floor wailing letter. We need you. Seriously. The Derby and Derbyshire branch of the British Science Association needs YOU. … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Top Apps for Teaching Science to Kids

Another guest post from Samuel Clemens who shares his tips for ¬†teachers and parents alike, for enthusing reluctant youngsters. Science can be a tricky subject to get kids excited about, … Continue reading

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Guest Post: 6 Must-Read Pieces of Literature for Budding Engineers by Samuel Clemens

Engineers shape our world and the various ways we interact with it and with each other: from bridges and buildings to shoes and cell phones. And books on the subject … Continue reading

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February Event

Do you like science? (of course you do what a silly question) Do you like comics? Well you might well enjoy the Science of Superheroes talk, given by branch chair … Continue reading

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A Sanguine Start to the Year

Blood, blood, glorious blood. Nothing quite like it for, emptying a room at a party… So blood. It’s one of those things we all have, and then spend most of … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Discoveries of The Curiosity Rover

It’s been an exciting time in the field of space exploration with NASA’s Curiosity Rover on a mission to Mars. Though the rover has a significant amount of time left … Continue reading

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Kitchen Chemistry

Lots of people think of science as being this big thing that happens in sinister looking buildings filled with machines with names that sound like something Gene Rodenberry rejected for … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Ian Turner-I want to be Spiderman!!!

This guest post is from Dr Ian Turner, mild mannered biologist by day, comic book hero in training by night… I want to be Spiderman!!! By Dr. Ian Turner aka … Continue reading

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